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Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Our team is at your service for wallpaper removal and installation in Whitby, Ontario. There are some good reasons why people may want wallpaper removed. And there are some good reasons why they may want wallpaper installed. But the way such jobs are done matters when it comes to the results. And since you surely expect the very best results, it’s worth taking a minute to see why Whitby Painters is the team you can completely trust.

In Whitby, wallpaper removal and installation

Wallpaper Removal & Installation Whitby

If you want both wallpaper removal and installation, Whitby’s best team is at your service. Wallpaper is removed when it’s outdated, worn, torn, or otherwise damaged. Now when it’s removed, customers often want new wallpaper installed. That’s great because nowadays there are plenty of choices in terms of materials and tons of options when it comes to designs. And so, wallpaper is suitable for most parts of the house. Though the results are subject to the way the job is done.

When you assign wallpaper removal to our team, you can be sure that the job is done with the right tools. Before anything else, you surely want to know the cost of the needed job, the process, the finishing options, the wallpaper choices – all things. Correct? For such reasons, you meet with a contractor to talk about your needs, get a free estimate, and explore the possible solutions. The contractor checks the existing wallpaper and its material too. Thus, the pros will come out fully prepared to remove the wallpaper as fast as possible.

The condition of the wall behind the wallpaper is never perfect. Sometimes, it’s really bad. Even if you want wallpaper installation, the surface’s flaws are addressed. The wall is sanded to become soft and primed so that the wallpaper will be attached properly and won’t bubble down the road. And so, the results are great.

Want the wallpaper removed and the wall painted? No problem

Chances are also high that you are not looking for a wallpaper installer right now. Chances are that all you want is to see the old wallpaper gone and the wall behind it prepped and painted. No problem. We send pros to remove wallpaper – this process is the same whether you want new wallpaper installed or the substrate finished. Once the wallpaper is removed, the wall blemishes are tackled. The prep work is meticulously done and then the wall is primed and painted in the color you have already selected. All such things – the process, the wall color, the wallpaper removal and installation procedure, the cost – are discussed from the beginning, as mentioned. And so, you know where you stand and what to expect. And the pros come prepared as required to do the job.

So, is your wallpaper torn and must go? Are you tired of having wallpaper in the house and you want it removed and the wall finished? Reach us. Available for Whitby wallpaper removal and installation or wall painting, our team is the right choice for the job you want. Talk with us.