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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

You likely know that the best way to breathe new life into old kitchen cabinets is to paint them. And you are now seeking experts in kitchen cabinet painting in Whitby, Ontario, aren’t you? Let our team make your day! Whitby Painters is the company you can trust with the project. Regardless of the material and the scope of work, the most experienced in-Whitby painters finish kitchen cupboards and cabinets above all expectations.

Whitby kitchen cabinet painting pros at your service

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Whitby

We have a long experience in this sector and completed many kitchen cabinet painting jobs in Whitby. Well aware that such projects differ, we first appoint a pro to check the cabinets, talk with the customer, provide consultation in regard to finishes and colors, and offer an estimate. That’s a crucial meeting because it gives us the chance to explore your needs and because it gives you the chance to learn more, the cost of the service included. It’s free and with no obligation and so, you shouldn’t hesitate to talk to us and make an appointment. Let us tell you more about cabinet painting.

Ways to refinish kitchen cabinets

Since not all cases are the same, the service may involve cabinet repainting, painting, or staining.

  •          Are the kitchen cabinets painted already but need to be repainted? Don’t worry. Whether the existing paint is bubbling or peeling off or you simply want to upgrade with the application of a fresh color, you can count on our team. The old paint is scraped and all the necessary prep work is performed in a way to create smooth surfaces for proper and long-lasting finishing.
  •          Kitchen cabinets are amidst all this cooking, steam, and commotion that happen in the room. They need to be well-sealed to withstand the hardship, especially the over-the-counter cabinets close to the stove. If you like their appearance and simply want to protect them, they can be stained.
  •          Are you tired of the current cabinet color? Are you remodeling or redecorating the kitchen and like a fresh hue for the cabinets? Let’s find the perfect colors for all cabinets and cupboards to align the kitchen appearance with your current style preferences. Shall we?

Experienced Whitby painters finish kitchen cabinets to a T

There are cabinet refinishing methods to satisfy all needs. The important thing is that the job is performed with the accuracy required from start to finish. The cabinets are sanded, cleaned, and prepped as required – always with absolute respect to their material. When they are free of glitches, dust, and dirt and smooth enough to be finished, the pros prime and paint them as previously agreed.

We like to assure you that all coatings used to paint cabinets are suitable for the material at hand. This underlines the longevity of the job and the stunning results. Want to paint the cabinets along with the crown moldings, the kitchen walls, and the door? No worries. You can mix & match painting jobs to have the expected results.

Let’s start with the thing that interests you the most: the cost. Contact our team, tell us that you are interested in a kitchen cabinet painting Whitby service, and ask for a free quotation.