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Fence Painting

Due to their constant exposure to the elements, fences eventually get weathered. Is this why you seek experts in fence painting in Whitby, Ontario? Or, do you simply want to change the fence color? Things are very simple when you turn to Whitby Painters. If you want the fence painted – for any reason at all – you simply tell us so. We offer the necessary consultation and the expected estimate – with no obligation or charge, of course, and you decide.

If you decide to assign the job to our team, the requested fence finishing job is done on the day and at the time previously agreed, and in the most professional manner.

Experienced fence painting Whitby contractors

Fence Painting Whitby

Whether this is a wooden, composite, or metal fence, painting Whitby pros prep and finish it as required. It’s fair to say that not all fences are the same. For starters, their material is different. And then, their condition differs. In most cases, a contractor comes over to check the fence and evaluate what’s needed, talk colors with you, provide an estimate, and walk you through the process. The vital part is that metal or wood, fence painting services start on the right foot and are completed to perfection.

Fence repainting, staining, and painting services

Since not all fences are the same and not all tastes are the same either, the fence finishing methods and ideas vary. A fence can be stained just to breathe life into the material and prolong its lifespan by protecting it from the elements. A painted fence can be repainted, if you wish to change the color. Or, because the existing paints have cracked and are recently peeling off. Then again, this may be the first time you are planning to paint the fence. Whatever your case, you can depend on our team. And whatever the fence finishing way, the painters do the job thoroughly from start to end.

Before the fence is finished, it’s fixed. There’s often a need for quite a few fence repairs. Then, the painter takes over and preps the material. Depending on the material of the fence and whether or not there is peeling paint, the pros scrape, clean, scrub, sand, and prime before they apply the finishing coating. Since not all fence designs are the same either, the painter may use various finishing methods – brushing, spraying, rolling.

Seeking fence finishing solutions? We are here for you

Are you still thinking about it? Well, if you simply want to change the fence color, you may get a quote and learn about the process, and then weigh all things before you decide what to do. But if the fence is already weathered, some parts are rotten, or the paint is peeling, you shouldn’t wait. The more you wait, the more damage is inflicted by the elements. Don’t forget that when fences are painted or stained, they look great, the property’s value goes up, and they are well protected from the weather. Plenty of food for thought, right? Let’s think things over together. Shall we? Contact our team. Let’s talk about Whitby fence painting services and what will be best for you.