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Door Painting

Our company serves all those in need of door painting in Whitby, Ontario. Is the paint of your front door peeling and you need to take action before the material is fully exposed to the elements? Want the interior doors painted? If you seek pros to paint house doors in Whitby, we are the company to contact.

Feel free to message or call Whitby Painters to get the consultation you need and a quotation for the service without getting charged or feeling obliged to assign the job to us. Meanwhile, allow us to tell you how we can be useful to you.

For door painting, Whitby homeowners can count on us

Door Painting Whitby

If you reside in Whitby, door painting is easy to book. As we said, you only have to call or message our company. Do the same to make an inquiry, get information, and request a quote. Our team is available for the painting of all types of doors in Whitby. Wood doors, metal doors, vinyl doors – all materials are painted. The point is that we have expertise with all materials and thus, the door’s prepping stage and actual painting are performed as required – always with the correct paint products.

You can trust us whether you want to paint interior doors or exterior doors – like the front door or the back door. It makes sense to say that exterior doors suffer the most since their outer part is constantly exposed to rain, sunlight, winds, and dust. For this reason, the right paints are used – not only for the material – but also for extra resistance to the exterior environment.

Interior and exterior doors are properly prepped and painted

The first phase of the door painting service is prepping the slab. More often than not, doors do not have a flush but ornate design though – raised panel, for example. And that’s one more reason you need expert painters to do the job. With years of experience in painting doors, the painters appointed by our team know how to properly prep all sections of the door with or without recessed sections and embellishments. The same attention is given to glass elements, which are properly covered so that they won’t get splashes of paint.

To make a long story short, the painters take into consideration all elements and specs of the door as well as their type – swing or slide – to make sure the paint won’t affect the movement or the aesthetics. All door imperfections are fixed beforehand and so, the painters scrape, sand, and paint as needed to deliver excellent results.

Do you want the garage door painted? Would you like to have the interior doors painted along with the casings? Is it time to paint the front door? Whitby door painting experts are ready to provide solutions, ideas, consultation, estimates, and service. All you need to do is get in touch with our team.